Some talks

The following are talks which I’ve given along the way which are not directly about theology of Consecrated Life. These talks on Consecrated Life and are listed separately

The first three are directly related to living in the Covid world.
Contemplative in Lockdown
Spiritual Direction in Covid pandemic
Hope in CoVid

The following two were given on different university occasions:
Reflections at College Eucharist
A reflection given at the Divinity College Eucharist
What it means to be human
A talk given to the students of the Catholic Society of the University of St Andrews, 12.02.2020. © Mary Stevens February 2020

The following are more general talks
St John Paul II on St John of the Cross: Anguish in the Contemporary World for the Conference: Mystical Theology: Renewing the Contemplative Tradition, Durham University 2014

I wrote a brief response to Patrick Burke regarding an article he wrote about the Encyclical letter of Pope Francis Fratelli Tutti.