Dr Mary Stevens, Introduction

Hello, my name is Mary. I am an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Divinity in the University of St Andrews, where I gained both an MLitt and a PhD in theology. Having reached the end of my working life I am hoping to develop vigorously my own theological ideas and to pursue interdisciplinary work. 

Consecrated Life

A major focus of my research concerns the theology of the consecrated life, which may be found in its own section.

Current Affairs

The major focus of my thought at the present time is centred on bringing my own theological expertise and personal insight, such as it is, to try to find and articulate ideas, alone and with others, which may be of use. The current pandemic has provoked and demanded serious thought and reflection, as has Fratelli Tutti and the Synod. Not having a way to be involved in the Synod at parish level I shall soon write about it here,

Some of my ideas may be found at other talks and papers and also accessed directly through the drop down menu above


A few years ago I was involved in the Theoartistry project of St Mary’s College in the University of St Andrews. An introduction to it may be accessed directly here, and the individual pages related to it may also be accessed via the drop down menu above.


I can be contacted at my university email address, mary.stevens, with the suffix (at)st-andrews.ac.uk