Since October 2016 I have had the privilege of being involved in the Theoartistry Project.

I will write more about this very soon (March or April 2018). For now, here is the documentary which has been made about it my introduction to my specific part of the Theoartistry project..

I prepared a text For Lisa  Robertson, the amazing young composer with whom I worked. It is quite lengthy, and it provides an introduction to the texts and to my perspective on the project. I also provided her with some photographs and I made a  silent video in which I put together ideas for text with photographs to give a visual scene setting. I note that it hasn’t uploaded entirely successfully, and this is something which I will address. (the images and text for the earthquake, storm and fire are not in sync.)

The gave Lisa a selection of texts which provide the backbone to my ideas and I combined these as a suggestion for the lyrics.