Papers etc

Academic Qualifications:
MLitt, (2008);
PhD, (2018) University of St Andrews

Professional Membership
Society for the Study of Christian Ethics (SSCE)
Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain (CTA)
European Society Catholic Theology (ESCT)

Chapter in Annunciations: Sacred Music for the Twenty-First Century, George Corbett (ed.) which may be read at For more of my own behind the scenes work for this project see Theoartistry
Proposed publication of PhD thesis

Conference Papers:
Conference: Vatican II 50 Years On: The New Evangelization, Leeds Trinity University College, 2012
Paper Title:Religious Life in the Light of the Redemption: towards a contemporary theology of Religious Life from the Apostolic Exhortation Redemptionis Donum.

Conference: Society for the Study of Christian Ethics, Annual Conference 2012, Westcott House Cambridge
Paper Title: “Why be a human person-and how?” Religious Vocation and the meaning of life in Pope John Paul II.

Conference: Mystical Theology: Renewing the Contemplative Tradition, Durham University 2014
Paper Title:St John Paul II on St John of the Cross, the mysticism of faith in the anguish of the contemporary world

Conference: Teresa of Avila, 1515 – 2015; ‘A Major International Conference to Celebrate the Quincentenary of Teresa of Avila. St Mary’s University Twickenham’, 2015
Paper Title: The Evangelical Counsels, Teresa’s Chosen Way of Working for the Redeemer,
in the Light of the Theology of Pope
John Paul II

Upcoming Conference: International Congress of the European Society for Catholic Theology: Hope: Where does our hope lie? 28 – 31 August, 2019 Bratislava, Slovakia
Paper Title: Hope – why and how to be a human person; Consecrated Life as Theological and Existential Witness

CSRP Seminar Paper, 2015; A Vision for Europe: the Theology of Consecrated Life of Pope John Paul II in Conjunction with the Address of Pope Francis to the European Parliament

Reflection at St Mary’s College Eucharist